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Status Update as of September 1, 2020

1) There will be no concerts for the MFSO for the remainder of the calendar year, 2020.

2) Rehearsals will not start in September as in the past.

3) There will not be any large ensemble (tutti) pieces performed for this season. Any musical works we will do will be broken into various sections of the orchestra.

4) The Board is committed to learning more about the situation and continues its work with the hope that some form of rehearsals might start in October and some concert(s) might occur in 2021, possibly as early as late January or early February.

Hopefully, you hear several things in this message: decisive action being taken by the Board; safety of our musicians is of the highest importance; commitment by the Board to be true to the mission of the MFSO (which states that this group is just as much for the playing musicians as it is for the general public-audience); flexibility to adapt to conditions as they present themselves to us.  We have no orchestra without our volunteer musicians. Hopefully we may continue to move in harmony toward the common value we share of enjoying the performance of classical music with others and for others.